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Brushless DC hypoid gearmotors

Maintenance-Free. Compact. Efficient.

Bodine Electric Company introduced 12 new brushless DC hollow shaft gearmotors with hypoid gearing. These type 42B-25H2 and 42B-30H3 geared motors combine a new brushless DC, 130 VDC motor with two hypoid gearheads. When used with a brushless DC speed control, these gear motors deliver maintenance-free performance with high starting torque and linear speed-torque characteristics. They are ideal for industrial automation equipment that demands quiet operation, high-torque density, and a wide speed range.

Quiet, Efficient Performance

These new BLDC (electronically commutated) hypoid gearmotors are designed to be high-performance, maintenance-free alternatives to gearmotors with standard worm gearing. The gearmotors are available with gear ratios from 5:1 to 240:1, provide up to 2,370 lb-in (268 Nm) of continuous torque, and speeds of up to 400 rpm. The unique hypoid gearheads are permanently lubricated and feature hardened steel gears for long life and quiet operation. They can be face-mounted in any orientation via four-tapped holes or through bolts.

Driven by a maintenance-free, totally enclosed non-ventilated (TENV), 1/2 HP (368 Watts), brushless DC (130 VDC) motor, the type 42B-25H2 and 42B-30H3 gearmotors are ideal for applications that require continuous operation and minimal downtime. These new brushless DC motors feature a built-in 256 PPR, magnetic encoder with commutation track, and are rated IP-66 for protection from dust and water. They are terminated with two built-in watertight connectors (power and signals).

Hollow Shaft Design

The new type 42B-25H2 (1-inch bore) and 42B-30H3 (1.25-inch bore) hollow shaft gearmotors optimize mounting space, simplify installation, and reduce the number of required parts. They can be connected directly to the driven load eliminating costly shaft couplings and mounting hardware that can be unsafe, bulky, and present alignment issues. These hollow shaft gearmotors offer left- or right-hand face mounts for maximum application flexibility.

Gearmotor/Motor Accessories

Bodine offers various accessories including a base/foot mounting bracket for each gearhead, shaft kits, and a shaft cover kit for the non-extension shaft side of the gearhead.