Brady releases Brady Workstation Print Partner Label Software

Brady, a global provider of industrial and safety printing systems and solutions, released its Brady Workstation Print Partner label app. Print Partner allows users to create a template in the LabelMark™ companion software, share it across various sites and install the template into Print Partner where the actual printing happens.

“This new software helps customers to create a consistent, efficient and error-free labeling system across one or multiple facilities,” says Steve Caster, global product specialist, software for Brady. “It takes the hassle out of label creation and limits training requirements by separating the label design task from the label printing task. That way, employees don’t need to design the label they need from scratch, but they can simply enter the necessary information into a pre-determined format. This saves time and money and let’s employees focus more on the job than the label creation.”

Print partner helps to reduce human error by creating a layout that cannot be accidentally changed. The process starts with using LabelMark software to create a template. All features from the LabelMark templates, including fonts, images and barcodes, are usable on Brady Workstation Print Partner. From there, the template is saved to be opened from any Print Partner location when a label is needed. When ready to print, the user can either manually type in the information that’s needed into the designated fields or import this data from a spread sheet.