Beacon introduces new air dock leveler

Unlike electric hydraulic or mechanical dock levelers, an air dock leveler is designed to be used with shop air or a compact compressor. Beacon Industries, Inc. introduces the BX3 series of pneumatic powered levelers which are designed with emergency mechanical pull chain override in case of power outages.  The air dock leveler helps aid in efficiency and safety by compensating for height differences between the loading dock floor and truck bed. Its standard features include auto-recycling lip, pneumatic operation, positive hold-down for up-down float during service, and push-button controls. With a push of a foot, the lip gently lowers onto the truck bed.

These pneumatic powered levelers feature heavy-duty ¼”, 55,000-lb. minimum yield steel which is supported by structural C channel and 60,000-lb. safety legs. The included lip keepers can also be used as night locks for added security. They also allow for cross traffic to safely cross over when stored. A wide variety of sizes are available to fit individual needs, and custom sizes are available as well. Standard actual deck widths range from 6’ to 7’ and nominal deck lengths from 6’ to 10’. The lip is 16” long and either ½” or 5/8” thick. Static capacities from 25,000 to 45,000 lbs. are available. A service range of 12” or 16” up and down is standard.

Installation is easy with front and rear forklift pickup slots. Extra welding space is available due to the wider rear angle. Mount the control panel near dock door interior wall on the truck driver side. The compressor can be located near the overhead door or in a remote location.

Various options are available to allow customers to customize the unit, including a longer lip, hot-dip galvanized finish, laminated bumpers, full-range toeguards, abrasive deck, foam insulation, weather seals, and a quiet-close hydra lip.