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BarTender intelligent templates™ simplify and streamline SAP label printing

Seagull Scientific, LLC, (“Seagull”) maker of BarTender®, the global leader in software to print, mark, and code labels, RFID tags, products, and packaging, has partnered with BCC Distribution to makes it easy to design and print barcode labels from  SAP .

Using  BarTender Intelligent Templates , companies can produce a wide variety of flexible label designs without having to create and maintain hundreds of separate documents. This allows users to use dynamic data, images, colors, object positions, and text on each label that is printed.

BarTender leverages conditional printing to specify exactly when different objects, layers, or templates in your document are printed. For example, you can configure a graphic to be printed if the data given includes a specific numeric or text value and the graphic will not print outside of these conditions. Or you can choose to print a template based on the specified parameters from within your database.

BarTender partners with SAP ISV specialists like BCC Distribution, a leading provider of SAP certified software solutions, for mobile RF scanning, barcode label printing, mobile device management and more. BCC Distribution’s QuickPrint is a comprehensive enterprise printing solution that makes it easy to design and print barcode labels directly from SAP software, leveraging BarTender on the backend.

BarTender Intelligent Templates are used by businesses of all sizes across many industries, including the world’s largest and most dynamic supply chains. To learn more about using dynamic design techniques, visit  Creating Intelligent Templates™ .

BCC Distribution is exhibiting at the  SAP Saphire Conference  in Orlando, Florida this week. Stop by booth #526 to learn more about SAP barcode and label printing or visit QuickPrint – BCC Distribution.