Autoscheduler introduces Make-N-Ship

Autoscheduler introduces Make-N-Ship Warehouse optimization platform

Today, at the Retailers International Leaders Association, (RILA), AutoScheduler.AI, an innovative Warehouse Management System (WMS) accelerator, introduces the Make-n-Ship warehouse optimization platform that optimizes loading products straight off the production line to better orchestrate production, warehousing, and transportation plans. Moving production runs directly to a truck eliminates touches, helps with labor shortages, and reduces the need for storage space in a warehouse or distribution center located at the manufacturing site.

Keith Moore headshot

Keith Moore

“Most WMS can’t efficiently handle products coming directly from the production line to a truck at the dock because of a mismatch between pre-built stock transfer orders and what gets produced, causing trucks to remain idling at the dock waiting to be filled. Without the buffer of the warehouse storage, companies struggle to have a ready supply of trailers that match the production output. Make-n-Ship will handle the movement of products directly from production to various deployment destinations,” said Keith Moore, Chief Executive Officer, AutoScheduler


  • Creates transportation requirements days in advance so “best cost carriers” can be engaged.
  • Reschedules transportation as production changes, aiming to match production schedules.
  • Creates and transmits a recommended transportation plan.
  • Updates hourly on the need and timing of trailers and inventory.
  • Issues alerts, using the latest data and trailer availability to relay such warnings, as there will be a trailer shortage in two days.
  • Updates a real-time deployment module to reflect the latest decisions on where to shift or store inventory.

Clients using Make-n-Ship free up 10% more space capacity, reduce production planning loads by 33%, increase floor productivity by 8%, increase container fill by 2%, and increase service levels by 4%.