AutoGuide- introduces remote wireless controller for AGVs

AutoGuide, provider of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), has introduced a new wireless pendant with remote route programing and diagnostics for its TV Series of AGVs. The wireless pendant can be run on a tablet computer giving users complete programming capability, remote access to diagnostics and reports, and the ability to drive the AGVs without having to stand next to the vehicles.

AutoGuide TV Series vehicles follow programmable routes along flexible magnetic tape guided paths. When paired with the patent-pending, remote wireless pendant, routes can be set up and changed quickly and effortlessly from any connected tablet computer.

“The remote wireless pendant adds to the efficiency and industry-leading innovation of our TV Series, by allowing users to easily adjust pickup and delivery routines without interrupting AGV deliveries or productivity,” said Sarah Carlson, vice president of AutoGuide.

The wireless pendant utilizes the industry standard Android operating system, which allows for secure communication between the vehicle and the tablet. The pendant uses dual pairing authentication, untethered manual controls of vehicle movement and provides monitoring of Wi-Fi spectrum. The pendant display also shows multiple status readings, including alarms, path parameters, battery voltage, last RFID tag read, I/O status and more.