Aurora Plastics improves Workforce Productivity with Janam RFID Solution

“We work closely with partners like Quest and TRG to help businesses acquire meaningful business intelligence. The vast improvements to Aurora Plastics’ supply chain processes are enabled by best-in-class RFID-enabled mobile computers and the unmatched support we provide our global customer base.”   Harry B Lerner, CEO, Janam Technologies

 Janam Technologies LLC, a provider of rugged mobile computers that scan barcodes and communicate wirelessly, announced today that Aurora Plastics, a leader in thermoplastic compounds, is using the XM2-RFID rugged mobile computer to identify and track railcars within its railyard.  

The recovery of the US housing market and a rise in construction have fueled increased demand for PVC building materials. With its focus on innovation and a commitment to consistently delivering highest-quality products and exceptional customer service, Aurora Plastics needed to improve processes for unloading more than 100 million pounds of PVC resin annually from railcars at its Streetsboro, Ohio facility. 


  • Aurora Plastics worked with Janam and Quest Integrated Solutions, a subsidiary of Technology Recovery Group (“TRG”), to implement an RFID-based solution to ensure its railcars pass stringent quality checks before they are unloaded and materials are delivered to the correct destination.
  • Aurora Plastics sought a device that could easily integrate and communicate with its existing systems to minimize costs. They selected the XM2-RFID rugged mobile computer because of its compact form factor and superior RFID read range and accuracy.
  • With Janam’s XM2-RFID rugged mobile computers deployed less than a year ago, Aurora Plastics is already seeing dramatic efficiency gains across its operations. Manual paperwork and cross-checks have been eliminated, resulting in a 20 percent time savings. 
  • Quest / TRG played a key role in programming the XM2-RFID and developed a desktop application that captures data in the railyard and sends it to Aurora Plastic’s SQL database. The intuitive application stores all company transactions to enable Aurora Plastics to track and report on historical data.
  • Optimized to meet Aurora Plastics’ data capture needs, the XM2-RFID delivers the right combination of performance and reliability, resulting in the company achieving a 100 percent success rate for products being delivered to the correct locations.