Episode 494: Supply Chain orchestration with Brian Gaunt of DHL

Supply chain orchestration is today’s topic on The New Warehouse Podcast. Recorded live at Manifest, Kevin sits down with Brian Gaunt, the VP of Accelerated Digitalization at DHL Supply Chain. In addition to discussing supply chain orchestration, the conversation delves into emerging trends in automation and AI and the critical role of data analytics in optimizing warehouse operations. Brian shares valuable insights on how DHL navigates these advancements and what the future holds for the logistics giant.

The Power of Data in Orchestrating Supply Chains

Brian Gaunt emphasizes the pivotal role of data in supply chain orchestration. “Everything we touch generates output,” he explains, highlighting the importance of effectively capturing and utilizing this data. “One of the great things about automation is it’s really good at tracking what it does. So, we can get very predictable productivity results coming out of those types of solutions.” DHL leverages data from both manual processes and automated systems to optimize warehouse operations, enabling better forecasting and resource allocation. DHL can perform predictive analysis by integrating machine learning solutions, enhancing overall efficiency and productivity.

Warehouse Orchestration

Warehouse orchestration at DHL involves harmonizing both automated and manual processes to create a seamless workflow. Brian discusses how advanced robotics and data analytics contribute to this orchestration. “Orchestration overall or supply chain orchestration, as we look at it, is really optimizing that full end-to-end visibility from the point of manufacture to those raw materials or finished products arriving from the manufacturer into the warehouse.” Providing visibility into every aspect of the supply chain improves productivity and enhances associates’ working conditions by automating strenuous tasks.

The Future of Supply Chain Orchestration

Brian says DHL will focus on refining data utilization and incorporating new automation solutions to enhance supply chain orchestration further. Brian notes that staying on top of technological advancements is crucial for maintaining efficiency and improving worker satisfaction. “Robotics solutions do a lot of the tasks that the person really doesn’t want to do. Nobody wants to unload a box in a hot trailer or cold trailer.” This strategy can create more appealing and safer working environments by continually integrating innovative solutions, ultimately driving better performance and customer satisfaction. “If we’re able to put a piece of equipment in there to do that and allow that person to do something else, it’s a much better fit.”

Key Takeaways on Supply Chain Orchestration

  • Data UtilizationEffective data capture and analysis are essential for optimizing supply chain operations.
  • Automation and Robotics: Integrating advanced automation solutions improves productivity and working conditions.
  • Continuous Innovation: Staying updated with technological advancements ensures efficiency and enhances employee satisfaction.
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Episode 494: Supply Chain Orchestration with Brian Gaunt of DHL