Episode 481: Achieving a fully autonomous supply chain with Nimble Robotics

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In this episode of The New Warehouse Podcast, Jonathan Briggs, VP of Sales and Solutions at Nimble Robotics, delves into Nimble’s transformative approach to logistics. Positioned at the vanguard of the industry, Nimble Robotics is redefining third-party logistics (3PL) with its fully automated solutions, merging cutting-edge robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) to reshape how logistics operations are conducted today.

Overcoming Legacy Hurdles with Advanced Automation

The logistics sector’s persistent challenges of increasing throughput and optimizing labor efficiency necessitate innovative solutions. Briggs reflects on the initial hurdles: “Finding the first customer willing to take the plunge into large-scale automation was not easy.” In response, Nimble innovatively became its own first client, pioneering a fulfillment network that fundamentally transforms warehouse configurations. Nimble significantly bolsters building efficiency by discarding traditional racks and aisles and adopting a vertical operational model. This strategic overhaul addresses the spatial and workforce limitations that typically constrain conventional warehouses.

Overcoming Labor Obstacles Through Robotics

Jonathan Briggs shares Nimble’s technology’s transformative impact on logistics workforce dynamics: “In my warehouse, I don’t have any pickers as a function of our building. We’ve eliminated the pick side of the business which is usually a good third if not two-thirds of the headcount in a building.” This strategic reduction in labor dependency is at the core of Nimble’s innovation. By implementing six-axis robots that excel in tasks requiring human-like vision, touch, and force control, Nimble not only enhances logistical precision, speed, and scalability but also significantly reduces the need for manual labor.

Towards a Fully Autonomous Supply Chain

Briggs casts a forward-looking perspective: “The future is going to be autonomous.” He elaborates on the company’s forward march towards comprehensive supply chain autonomy. Nimble not only aims to refine warehouse operations but also to integrate autonomous delivery systems, which are poised to revolutionize logistics efficiency at an unprecedented scale. “We’ve got a lot of stuff in development right now in terms of robotic sortation where we can do strategic sorts for our carriers,” Briggs reveals, indicating that Nimble’s innovations could streamline complex logistical tasks. “We want to be end-to-end autonomous when it’s all said and done.”

Key Takeaways

  • Nimble Robotics is leading the charge in transforming logistics with its fully automated 3PL solutions.
  • Nimble enhances fulfillment operations’ speed, accuracy, and scalability through advanced robotics and AI.
  • The company’s vision extends to achieving end-to-end autonomy in the supply chain, indicating a transformative future for logistics.
The New Warehouse Podcast
Episode 481: Achieving a Fully Autonomous Supply Chain with Nimble Robotics