Episode 477: 3PL insights with Bulu CEO, Paul Jarrett

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In this episode, we dive into a conversation that reshapes how we think about logistics and 3PL selection. We’re talking with Paul Jarrett, CEO of Bulu. They’re not just a logistics company; they’re revolutionizers of the “tricky ship” model. From a unique start to leading logistics innovation, Bulu’s story is nothing short of inspiring. Paul’s passion for helping brands succeed and improving logistics is evident as he offers honest advice for 3PL selection.

The Origin Story of Bulu

Bulu started with a problem. A big one. “What we do now is actually the very first problem that we encountered about 12 years ago,” says Paul. This journey from a fledgling subscription box to a logistics titan is a masterclass in evolution. He adds, “Not having external third parties… impacting decision-making was the thing, where after ten years, we really saw a path to have a great long-term business that solves hard problems for people just like us”. Training with big brands taught them “the hardest sort of logistics” and funded their Ph.D. in logistics. Their story? It’s about growth. It’s about learning.

Enter the “Tricky Ship”

“Imagine if we worked with brands of any size and could offer them unlimited sales channels,” Paul muses. This idea birthed the tricky ship model. It’s not just about sending packages. It’s about breaking free from old chains. It’s about setting brands up for unimaginable growth. As Paul shares, this strategy is paying off: “We’ve landed like 30 additional clients in the past 60 to 90 days.” With a passion for leveling the playing field for small brands, Paul finds there’s nothing better than “Truly helping people with a good product compete in the market.”

Removing the Complexity

Paul insists on simplicity: “There’s a lot of things out there where software people neer experience a warehouse floor, and it just doesn’t work that way. You can’t give somebody something complicated.” Their tech? It’s as easy as your favorite app. “It’s gotta be no more complicated than whatever the most popular social media app is.” This approach makes their system approachable. It’s for everyone, from warehouse staff to top executives.

Gazing Into the Future with Bulu

Paul sees a future rich with AI and automation. “I think a lot of the traditional issues that have happened in logistics are going to be solved through AI.” Yet, he believes in the power of the human touch. “At the end of the day, somebody or something has to pick something up and get it where it’s gotta go.” He envisions a workspace where technology elevates human effort. “People walk into a warehouse, they put on glasses, and they can just follow what the screen says.” It’s about making the future accessible today.

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Episode 477: 3PL Insights with Bulu CEO, Paul Jarrett