Episode 463: Insights into the heart of fulfillment with Jeff Kaiden from Capacity

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In this episode of The New Warehouse Podcast, we had the privilege of visiting Capacity’s headquarters in North Brunswick, New Jersey, where we were warmly welcomed by Jeff Kaiden, Capacity’s founder and CEO. Capacity, known for its omnichannel fulfillment services, has grown remarkably under Jeff’s leadership, servicing an array of significant brands with a keen focus on e-commerce and B2B fulfillment. The episode delves into Jeff’s fascinating journey in the fulfillment industry, the inception of Capacity, and the innovative technologies that have propelled the company to the forefront of warehousing and logistics.

A Deep Dive into Capacity’s Innovative Edge

The company’s investment in a bespoke, engineering-based approach and in-house IT solutions has enabled it to stay agile and responsive to customer needs. Jeff shares, “We have our own software development team… constantly adding value.” he adds, “To be in control of your own IT destiny is super important.” This strategy highlights Capacity’s commitment to leveraging technology for operational efficiency and agility.

With a robust team of in-house developers, Capacity can swiftly adapt to the ever-evolving needs of its clients, ensuring that solutions are nimble and cost-effective. The team of approximately 20 developers is constantly “adding value” through process improvements and custom integrations, demonstrating a proactive stance in leveraging technology to enhance operational efficiencies.

The Human Element in Fulfillment

Capacity’s technological evolution is not merely about adopting new tools; it’s a holistic strategy encompassing data analysis, engineering excellence, and a profound understanding of the human element. “The most important people in this company are the ones who are doing the work,” Jeff Kaiden remarked, emphasizing the value of human capital in the logistics sector. By maintaining a close-knit environment and fostering a sense of community, Capacity ensures high levels of employee satisfaction and operational excellence.

Moreover, Jeff’s anticipation of scalability challenges, particularly highlighted by the fluctuations between regular operation days and peak times like Black Friday, underlines the significance of scalable technology. “Our people are the key to all this,” Jeff asserts, acknowledging that while technology provides the framework, the human element within Capacity propels its success. This blend of cutting-edge technology and human ingenuity ensures that Capacity remains at the forefront of the fulfillment industry, ready to handle any volume surge with grace and efficiency.

Mastering Data for Inventory Excellence

Kaiden emphasizes the essential role of data management in precisely navigating the complexities of inventory and SKU management.

  1. Data First: It is essential to have detailed product data (dimensions, weight, hazard status) for efficient logistics.
  2. Inventory Readiness: Ensure ample stock before retail expansion to avoid fulfillment failures.
  3. Navigate Retail Complexities: Prepare for retailer-specific requirements and potential deductions.
  4. Balance Inventory: Avoid overstock and stockouts through careful planning and SKU management.
  5. SKU Strategy: Manage SKU proliferation to keep operations and inventory manageable.

These insights offer a concise roadmap for brands to effectively manage their inventory and SKU portfolio, emphasizing the critical role of data management, preparation for retail expansion, and the strategic balance needed in inventory planning.

Key Takeaways:

  • Jeff believes automated put walls on the hardware side, along with AI and planning on the software side, provide the most bang for the buck in warehouse technology.
  • The company places a high value on its workforce, fostering a culture of respect and teamwork to drive operational efficiency.
  • Despite the rapid evolution of the e-commerce landscape, Capacity has adapted by focusing on customer service, scalable technology, and efficient inventory management.

The New Warehouse Podcast

EP 463: Insights into the Heart of Fulfillment with Jeff Kaiden from Capacity