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Episode 355: StreetDrone

The New Warehouse welcomes Mark Preston, Co-Founder, and Chief Strategy Officer at StreetDrone, to discuss autonomous driving in logistics. Mark has a background in mechanical engineering, Formula 1, and designing dangerous goods containers. Mark leverages this unique background to solve the complex challenges of autonomous driving. Be sure to tune in to learn about StreetDrone’s autonomous solutions and to hear Mark’s thoughts on when we will see self-driving technology at scale.

Key Takeaways

  • Initially, StreetDrone used a combination of autonomy and teleoperation for integration with a pilot site for Nissan. Mark adds there is still a need for interaction between operators who can help vehicles move around mixed-mode traffic sites like ports or public roads.  However, these technologies will continue to develop over time, allowing us to travel alongside them one day soon.
  • StreetDrone focuses primarily on first-mile logistics – feeding into factories, ports & regional distribution centers. These routes are often well-known, defined, and controlled, making them ideal for SmartDrone’s Smart 1 Terminal Tractor. Truck drivers from Nissan involved throughout the process are now evangelists for this technology as it increases safety measures onsite and alleviates the lack of available workers globally.
  • StreetDrone’s last-mile solution is the golf cart-sized Pix-E. The Pix-E is a low-speed vehicle designed to perform last-mile deliveries in densely populated areas. Mark explains that they are always learning in development, and as they learn and improve, they can navigate to less-controlled environments.
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EP 355: StreetDrone