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Episode 353: Spot AI

SPOT AI is a camera system that helps businesses leverage video footage to improve safety, security, and efficiency. By detecting areas of improvement early on, companies can save time and resources and reduce operational costs – ultimately leading to increased profits and customer satisfaction. In this episode of The New Warehouse, Sud Bhatija, co-founder of SPOT AI, discusses how intelligence dashboards can identify potential bottlenecks, provide training opportunities and improve collaboration.

Key Takeaways

  • SPOT AI works with any existing camera system customers have and provides them with an intuitive dashboard containing modern tools powered by AI. These tools make it easier for users to search through hours of footage quickly, collaborate on the footage securely, set alerts triggered by certain activities or people in specific areas, and receive notifications when those alerts are activated.
  • Companies are using video technology to monitor specific areas, such as forklift or equipment usage in unauthorized areas. This technology can be used proactively to train new employees and prevent incidents. Customers have used this technology to improve their operations’ efficiency by instrumenting how long trucks idle in yards and how quickly loading/unloading takes place.
  • Spot AI’s intelligent dashboard allows customers to get a real-time understanding of their business operations. The dashboard lets customers visualize and track all the different metrics they need to know about their business performance in one single, easy-to-access location. This enables customers to quickly analyze and identify areas performing below target or exhibiting any bottlenecks.
  • Sud believes that to ensure privacy is respected; companies should use video not just for surveillance but also shift towards allowing multiple people to access the footage instead of having it centralized with one person looking at what everyone’s doing. He believes in moving from the traditional use of video surveillance to one where everyone in an organization can access it and collaborate.
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EP 353: Spot AI