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Episode 351: Powerfleet

Scott Walker, VP of Supply Chain Product Management at Powerfleet, joins The New Warehouse podcast to discuss their people-powered IoT solutions for multiple industries. They provide businesses with actionable insights that can increase safety and sustainability while making team members happier. With real-time asset visibility, route optimization, predictive service scheduling, condition monitoring, enhanced training opportunities, and more, Powerfleet makes it easier to take complete control of your material movements. Be sure to tune in to learn about people-powered IoT solutions and how you can make your warehouse safer, more efficient, and a more enjoyable place to work.

Key Takeaways

  • Scott believes that due to the combination of retirements and new job growth in the manufacturing sector, a significant gap in employment will rise over the next decade. Nearly 4 million job openings will remain unfilled unless businesses find new and innovative ways to fill these roles. With only half of those positions likely to be filled by qualified personnel, companies urgently need to adopt technology-driven solutions that can reduce time spent on tedious tasks while increasing value-added roles.
  • The industrial environment is one of the most dangerous places besides car accidents. Powerfleet provides a much-needed element of control, aiming to increase safety practices in the workplace and giving workers more opportunities that bring personal fulfillment and optimism for the future. All these factors combined create a more positive and less stressful environment for those on the job.
  • Powerfleet implements devices that give them immediate feedback to acknowledge material handling equipment like forklifts are safe to operate. If something is wrong, it triggers an alert to notify maintenance to come and make sure it’s safe. The latest technologies integrate a pedestrian warning system to enhance their ability to predict whether or not there’s about to be an incident. If employees operate the equipment unsafely, like going too fast around this corner or bumping into something, it seems too rough for what we expect. Powerfleet’s technologies use artificial intelligence via a video panel that scans areas in the direction of travel 30 to 50 times a second. The AI-based system also allows companies to identify unsafe areas or drivers who may need extra coaching, making it easier for managers to take corrective action before an incident occurs.
  • Scott believes Powerfleet’s success lies in its ability to create scalable solutions across a wide range of equipment. They’ve been able to install their technology on all types and models, regardless of the make or model year. They also have custom mounting solutions to fit each vehicle type and make installation easier.

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EP 351: Powerfleet