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Episode 112 – Semtech

In this episode, I spoke with Pedro Pachuca who is the Director of Wireless Products at Semtech Corporation. Semtech provides the technology that supports the IntelliPallet that was previously discussed on Episode 65 with Pallet Alliance. Pedro and I talk about what Semtech does, their LoRa technology, how the relationship with Pallet Alliance came about, and other supply chain applications they are involved in.

Key Takeaways

  • Semtech is a provider of high-performance analog and mixed-signal semiconductors and advanced algorithms for infrastructure, high-end consumer and industrial equipment. They help to drive leading technologies like mobility, data centers, and the internet of things (IoT). One of their main platforms that helps to power the IntelliPallet is their LoRa technology.
  • The name LoRa is derived from “long-range” because the technology provides a much longer range in communication versus some other technologies. This technology requires very minimal power and no GPS for tracking purposes. Pedro discusses how LoRa enables devices and items to communicate so that they can be tracked or have data collected. Semtech continues to build on this technology and new advances are able to develop devices that use ten timeless power. Most impressive is that a device that would typically be powered for 3 months could now be powered up to 3 years. This is a huge reduction in maintenance and also the cost of replacements.
  • If you remember from Episode 65 with Pallet Alliance they are using the LoRA technology to track pallets throughout the supply chain to help companies retrieve their custom pallets. With 1.5 billion pallets in circulation, the cost of previous tracking technologies was too high to practically use. Now, due to LoRa not using GPS, it helps to significantly reduce the cost of implementing the technology which was the perfect fit for Pallet Alliance’s IntelliPallet. The device gets put on to the pallet in an area that is unlikely to be damaged when it is being handled by machinery or in transit.
  • During the COVID pandemic Semtech’s newest technology, LoRa Edge has been utilized to do tracing for individuals. It has the ability to read MAC addresses so it can be used to track individuals by their wireless devices. Additionally, Pedro discusses how LoRa can do temperature tracking from a distance that comes into play when dealing with individuals who may be sick.

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EP 112: Semtech