TREW TEC center

Trew unveils new technology and education center

 Trew, LLC has introduced its Technology and Education Center (TEC). Located in the company’s Fairfield facility, the TEC serves as a proving ground for research, development, and application testing as well as a training and collaboration space. It enables the company to showcase technologies and engage in discussions with clients and other organizations interested in warehouse and fulfillment automation solutions.

Alfred Rebello headshot

Alfred Rebello

Trew’s TEC started limited operations in July of 2023 and has already proven a valuable addition to the company’s portfolio. “The TEC enables us to engage in conversations about the challenges our clients face, opportunities to improve and rethink solutions, and the approaches we can take to win together with clients,” said Trew CEO, Alfred Rebello.

The TEC is part of the outcomes of the previously announced R&D Grant from the state of Ohio’s private economic development corporation, JobsOhio: Trew (2023, January 4). Trew Investing in New Technology Center at Southwest Ohio Headquarters [Press release] “Our clients need innovations that fit their business and bring together process, technology, software, and people in a way that helps them thrive. The market is evolving quickly, and we are grateful for the state of Ohio’s economic assistance to accelerate our plans for this center,” continued Rebello.

During the first six months of operation, the TEC has been used for application and accelerated product life cycle testing, with millions stress testing cycles. “In addition to collaborating on solutions, the TEC gives us the ability to harden technology and explore innovation ideas,” added Rebello.

The TEC is open for client and industry visits. The company plans to continue expanding the TEC with emerging software and partner technologies.