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Sunbelt Rentals acquires King Equipment

Since 2007, King has served the greater Los Angeles area as a provider in aerial equipment rentals. Through a fleet mainly comprised of scissor lifts, man lifts, and reach and industrial forklifts, the business serviced the needs of a diverse range of customers, including electrical, structural steel, plumbing and HVAC contractors, as well as the construction and public utility sectors.

Sunbelt Rentals are excited to welcome King Equipment to the Sunbelt Rentals team. This exciting development enlarges Sunbelt Rentals’ California footprint and provides King’s valued customers with access to a more diverse product and service offering. Backed by an expansive national network and a fleet in excess of $10 billion, Sunbelt Rentals is one of the largest rental companies in North America and services a variety of customers, including commercial, residential, industrial and specialty contractors, through a highly-diversified mix of rental equipment.

With the addition of these new General Tool and AWP locations in California, Sunbelt Rentals can better serve the greater Los Angeles market by providing an effective rental solution for any project or job, including infrastructure, residential or commercial construction, facility maintenance, or homeowner applications