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PLASTICS releases new Recycling is Real Video featuring Printpack in Atlanta, GA

The Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS) has unveiled a new video as part of the Recycling is Real advocacy campaigndedicated to promoting and defending plastic recycling in America. This video highlights the efforts taking place at Printpack’s facility in Atlanta, Georgia where recycled materials, created through advanced recycling technologies, are remade into packaging used for everyday products.

PLASTICS’ Recycling is Real campaign, which began in September of 2023, has featured Ultra-PolyPlaconNovolexMAAGNiagara BottlingEpsilyteAmcorEnvision PlasticsPolyQuestNexus Circular , and an advanced recycling partnership among TenCateCyclyx International and ExxonMobil.

Matt Seaholm headshot

Matt Seaholm

“Plastic recycling is very real, and Printpack uses materials through advanced recycling to make packaging for products consumers can find right on the grocery store shelf,” said PLASTICS’ President and CEO Matt Seaholm. “The Recycling is Real campaign highlights the people of our industry across America who work to recycle valuable materials every single day. We will continue to show the public and lawmakers that recycling is undeniable, and a feasible and economical way to achieve a more circular economy.”

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Tom Seidel

“At Printpack, we are committed to advancing a circular economy through the use of recycled and recyclable plastic materials in our packaging solutions,” said Tom Seidel, Director of Sustainability at Printpack. “Our collaboration with advanced recycling partners allows us to give new life to plastic waste by transforming it back into high-quality packaging that meets the needs of our customers and consumers. We are proud to be featured in the Recycling is Real campaign to showcase how recycling and sustainability are at the core of Printpack’s mission.”

Click here to view Recycling is Real featuring Printpack

The Recycling is Real campaign provides content to help elected officials and policymakers understand that recycling is a vital link of the sustainability and circularity chain, enabling them to make more well-informed decisions about recycling resources for their constituents.

The Recycling is Real campaign was also created in an effort to put an end to false narratives claiming that recycling doesn’t happen or is a “myth.” Recycling has come under attack from those who wish to reduce or eliminate the production of plastic altogether. Recycling is Real shows how recycling happens, where it happens and introduces the people who make it happen.

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