PERC celebrates inaugural National Propane Day

The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) is celebrating its inaugural National Propane Day on October 7, 2022. PERC is observing National Propane Day as an opportunity to recognize the propane industry and celebrate all the benefits propane offers to users everywhere, including material handling professionals.

“With propane, we’re ensuring affordable, accessible energy while reducing carbon emissions,” said Joe Calhoun, director of off-road business development at PERC. “October 7 is a celebration of propane and its many benefits as a clean and reliable energy source that’s available now.”

Propane engines have been the powerhouse of material handling operations for decades. Today, propane can be found powering forklifts, port and terminal tractors, light- and medium-duty vehicles, and even marine vessels.

As supply chain demand continues to increase, propane ensures warehouses, distribution centers, and ports stay operational by providing 100 percent power without having to waste time waiting on a charge or worrying about electric grid outages. With the ability to power a variety of applications, propane is a single energy solution to reduce emissions, increase productivity and save your bottom line.

Propane can be safely used in well-ventilated structures both indoors and out to keep product moving while keeping the air free from harmful gases. Propane forklifts, for example, can reduce sulfur oxide (SOx) emissions by 76 percent compared with electric equipment and nitrogen oxide (NOx) and hydrocarbon emissions by 94 percent compared with diesel models. Propane port tractors produce up to 12 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than their gasoline counterparts not only cleaning up port operations, but also the communities that surround them.

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