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Nucor Warehouse Systems begins rack supported AS/RS cold storage project

Nucor Warehouse Systems has been selected to provide a structural rack for a hundred-foot-tall, rack-supported building using an advanced AS/RS for a cold storage warehouse that houses dairy products on the East Coast. This new project is part of the company’s strategy of increasing automation projects and leveraging its internal expertise for rack-supported buildings where temperature, precision, and engineering are paramount.

What makes this project unique is its need to connect to an existing structure that is also a cold-storage environment. Due to the height of the building, the flexibility of the new system is key to allow for both structures to work independently and ensure the safety of the structure and its temperature-sensitive products during usage. With more than 7,600 pallet positions planned for this warehouse, the AS/RS will also include two, three pallet-deep cranes as well as pick tunnels to allow for human intervention for fast picking and loading onto trucks as needed.

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Daniel Aguirre

“Nucor Warehouse Systems made a commitment last year to continue to invest in projects that would leverage our expertise of planning, engineering, and executing on rack-supported buildings,” said Daniel Aguirre, national sales manager at Nucor Warehouse Systems. “As we go into production on this large-scale project, we are working with the customer to ensure all challenges are met with confidence and a proactive approach.”

The project goes into production this spring and the system is expected to be delivered onsite as the building begins construction in the summer 2024