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National Propane Gas Association to sell CETP Certification Program to Propane Council

This will include all certification records in the program database since its inception in 1987

The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) and the National Propane Gas Association (NPGA) have reached agreement on terms to transfer the certification assets of the Certified Employee Training Program (CETP) from NPGA to PERC, effective Dec. 31, 2019. This action was mutually agreed upon by the officers and leadership of both organizations to help improve safety and training in the propane industry by moving all assets under
one roof.

Currently, a permanent record is maintained through an online database where all candidate CETP training tests and evaluations can be accessed by candidates and their employers. As part of the transfer process, protocols will be in place to ensure the transfer includes all training records, tests, and skill evaluations for more than 100,000 propane professionals who have gained certification since the program began in 1987.

The certification program helps employers and employees comply with various federal and state codes and standards that require documentation of employee training. The program facilitates compliance by providing a formal structure for testing and verifying propane employees’ knowledge and skills in 14 different certification areas to ensure safe and effective work performance.

Since 2002, PERC has owned and developed the content portion of the training, while NPGA continued to operate the certification aspect. Members of NPGA’s CETP Certification Committee have been invited to join PERC’s Safety & Technical Training Working Group to maintain consistency in program development and deployment.

“The safety and training program has always been a key focus and top priority for PERC,” said PERC President and CEO Tucker Perkins. “Our restructured safety, education, and compliance team is going to build on that foundation by creating innovative training and safety materials and new ways to deploy the material and access the training. Our goal is to continue and improve on the world-class safety and training program to provide the very best to the industry.”

“NPGA remains committed to the industry’s safety, education and compliance,” said NPGA Chairman Randy Thompson. “Through NPGA’s continued in-depth engagement with codes and standards development organizations and regulatory agencies, this transaction will facilitate a more streamlined process of information sharing with PERC that will feed into the development of new safety and training materials.”

As the transaction will not become effective until December 31, there will be no changes to the current certification program through the end of 2019.