Millwood acquires Red Express Pallet

Millwood, Inc. acquired its second Texas and 36th location nationwide. Millwood Co-owners and Partners Chip Trebilcock and Steve Miller finalized the acquisition on October 3 when they and other sales, operations, and HR management traveled to Red Express Pallet Company in Waco, TX to meet with management and team members who have transitioned to the Millwood family.

Upon arrival Trebilcock, Miller, and the other Millwood team members spoke to nearly 20 new Millwood family members and explained who Millwood is and what they can expect now that Millwood owns the business.

“Welcome to Millwood. I want to tell you what Millwood stands for, and what we do,” Trebilcock told the group of new family members. “Millwood has a mission statement. That statement is that all who come in contact with Millwood would clearly see the love of Jesus Christ in all we do. That means our customers, our suppliers, and especially our team members.”

“Millwood wants to be an organization of opportunities,” Miller told the group of new family members. “We don’t want our team members to come to work and feel like they have to leave their problems at home. We encourage them to bring their problems to work, so we can walk through life together.”

Afterward, Millwood provided lunch, passed out T-shirts, backpacks, and other handouts, and then went on a plant tour with James Scherer, Millwood regional operations manager, and two other supervisors.

Scherer, who was the previous owner of Austin Pallet – another Texas pallet operation Millwood acquired in August – will act as the plant manager at the Austin and Waco, TX locations for the time being.

“Red Express Pallet was an operation my wife and I were looking to acquire prior to Millwood buying Austin Pallet,” Scherer said. “Once we sold Austin Pallet to Millwood and joined the Millwood family, I talked to Chip and Steve about this opportunity, and as a team, we were able to make it happen.”

Red Express Pallet is in a prime location on about 11 acres. Over the next six months to one year, the plan is to get the new family there trained and equip them with the necessary resources to become a successful Millwood operation.

“We’re very excited about the potential for this operation,” Millwood General Manager Lionel Trebilcock said. “Once we have it up and running at full capacity, we think it could be one of our most productive whitewood locations.”

Each new Millwood family member is eligible for all benefits Millwood offers including 401K, medical and life insurance, and much more.

“Located only 80 miles from our recent acquisition of Austin Pallet, this new location in Waco will allow us to better serve both our current customers and new opportunities in the Central Texas market,” Executive Director of Sales Lee Evans III said. “We are very excited to see not only the changes that James and the team will make to the facility but also for the opportunities our new team members will have as they integrate into the Millwood family.”

Updated signage and other branding will soon don the location at 7314 Bagby Avenue in Waco, TX to help communicate the new name: “Millwood, Inc. Waco Operations.”

Millwood has a regional sales manager and customer support manager who live and work in the region. They will work together to increase business at both Texas locations. Millwood is also in the process of hiring a chaplain who will be available for team members at each Texas locations.