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MHS Lift launches MHS Integrated Solutions

The New West Coast office enhances the company’s national presence for warehouse optimization and automation services

MHS Lift, Inc., a provider of warehousing and distribution solutions across the U.S. and Canada, has announced the launch of “MHS Integrated Solutions,” a full-service automation and optimization integrator.

The company’s warehouse optimization engineers analyze businesses’ operations to map out the best use of their space, considering not just the square footage of space, but the cubic footage. This approach helps companies increase their storage capacity to handle more products and process more orders, allowing them to get the most use of their limited and costly warehouse real estate. Warehouse services are available to all 50 states and Canada.

Additionally, the company’s newly-opened Costa Mesa, Calif. office will support in-person consultative services for the West Coast.

“Launching MHS Integrated Solutions along with our new West Coast location allows us to meet the growing optimization needs of businesses and support a new customer base,” said Andy Levin, president, and co-owner, of MHS Lift. “Because warehouse real estate costs are at an all-time high, investing in optimization solutions is more important now than ever before.”

MHS Integrated Solutions’ optimization process includes facility utilization study, product mix analysis, pick and operational efficiency study, CAD layout and facility design, and RFQ and specification development. The MHS Integrated Solutions team designs automated warehouses that incorporate robotic palletizing and depalletizing, automatic trailer loading and unloading, pick/pack/ship systems, autonomous guided vehicles, Automated Storage and Retrieval systems, and more.

“For over 52 years, our company has developed a solid reputation of delivering quality products and services and providing customers with exceptional value and exceeding expectations. We’re excited to expand our reach and help businesses across the country manage costs and increase efficiencies,” said Brett Levin, Vice President, and co-owner, of MHS Lift.