MHI releases new economic survey results

MHI released the results of their MHI Member Economic Sentiment Bi-annual Survey Results that included a glimmer of hope for stability and growth in the coming year though most had concerns with governmental issues. When asked what the prediction for the health of the largest segment they serve was, 83% stated stable to somewhat healthier expectations.  41% of those surveyed predicted sales growth of up to 10% in the current year compared to the previous year. 27% of those surveyed predicted 10-19% sales growth.

92% of those surveyed expect staffing levels to remain the same or expect to add staff in the next 12 months. Regarding purchasing of capital goods, only 13% reported expectations of purchasing less capital goods within the next year. Plans for capital investment dollars include 22% on new plant, 27% on equipment, 25% on information and 26% on technology.