MHconX buy and sell equipment website merges with Forklift-International, a partnership of material handling magazines Material Handling Network and Material Handling Wholesaler will consolidate its equipment on effective January 1, 2019.

With this change will cease and then the current MHconX sales staff will be associated with Miami, Fla. based Motus Online Service, Inc. the site owners of or “Forklift”, with selling memberships to forklift companies who sell and buy material handling equipment throughout North America.

According to Dean Millius, Publisher/General Manager of Material Handling Wholesaler and this association will double the monthly traffic of MHconX and give dealers in the  a variety of sales tools to sell their inventory online across North America and also in Europe.  “Forklift as a total platform currently has over 100,000 visitors per month that include dealers, manufacturers and end-users and an inventory of over 80,000 pieces of material handling equipment.” said Millius.

“Thanks to this association, we can bring all the benefits that enjoy our thousands of dealers in Europe like our many sales tools to save valuable time and facilitate trade among dealers to even more American partnerships.  Our Forklift-International/Motus team is also looking forward to working together with Dean and his team to make this a great success story.” said Christoph Schmid, Managing Director of Motus Online Service Inc.

The Forklift website serves 32 different regional markets and is available is 19 languages.

“The Forklift website offers many new features that did not have available such as website mirroring the equipment on the Forklift site on their company site in real time. The Forklift site will also be a real time saver for sales and sales support with a tool that creates flyers, stock lists and quotes in multiple languages.” Millius added.

To receive a demonstration of the many features of the Forklift website, Millius said to call Material Handling Network, Material Handling Wholesaler or Motus Online Services  for a one-on-one review of the site.