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Material Handling Wholesaler interviews Mike Kotzian of Kivnon USA

Mike Kotzian, Managing Director of Kivnon USA, was recently interviewed by Kevin Lawton, podcast host on The New Warehouse. Kotzian and Lawton discussed the evolution of AGVs, the concept of robots replacing jobs, and Kivnon’s offerings. The interview is concurrently featured in Material Handling Wholesaler. Read the full interview here.

According to Kotzian, “As we are seeing massive growth in the industry, I believe that the hardware has somewhat reached to the level it can be at for now so the real development and thing to watch will be the software side and how that will make the existing hardware functioning in smarter ways.”

Kotzian brings two decades of experience in the AGV industry in various roles including leadership positions at Dematic and Creform. He has a special interest in the history and evolution of the AGV with a passionate look to the future.

Lawton is the founder of The New Warehouse and has been working in the distribution and logistics industry since 2012 when he began his career as a temp employee in the Inventory department at Simon & Schuster. Since then, he has become a global industry leader in all matters to do with warehouses, distribution centers, and robotics.

Material Handling Wholesaler (MHW) is an internationally known publication serving the wholesale material handling industry.

Kivnon will be exhibiting at MODEX 2022 in Atlanta from March 28 – 31 at Booth #C5488.