Juno Jones Logo 2021

Juno Jones women’s safety boot maker receives U.S. Trademark

Juno Jones J logo imagePhilly-based startup Juno Jones secures the U.S. Trademark on its iconic “J” logo. Juno Jones recently launched a line of steel toe boots for women in hazardous jobs including construction, architecture, and engineering. These stylish safety boots are ASTM certified for impact, compression, and puncture. The Juno Jones Kickstarter funded in just 29 hours.

Emily Soloby

“Finally, women have boots they can wear from the office to the job site,” said Juno Jones Founder and CEO Emily Soloby.

JUno Jones Boots 2 imageSoloby is a former women’s rights attorney and co-owns AAA School of Trucking, a heavy equipment safety training company based in Philadelphia. When she couldn’t find the footwear she needed to protect her feet and fit her style, she began speaking to many women in hazardous industries and learned of the huge market gap. In addition to her business experience, Soloby has taken shoemaking courses in Mexico and Brooklyn, NY. She began building the Juno Jones team in 2018, and after two years of market research and product development, the ASTM Certified, OSHA-approved Meti Boot launches for 2021.

Soloby is the host of the weekly Hazard Girls Podcast, where she interviews women in nontraditional fields about their work. The Podcast is produced in partnership with Jacket Media Co. and C-Suite Radio and can be found on all podcast platforms