JLT Mobile Computers

JLT Mobile Computers to showcase extensive lineup of rugged mobile IT solutions at MODEX 2022

Booth highlights include the popular JLT6012™ series of rugged forklift mounted computers that are now available in dedicated Android™ and Windows™ versions to give customers full flexibility to choose the best operating system fit for their specific environment.

 JLT Mobile Computers, a leading developer of reliable computing solutions for demanding environments, announces it will be presenting an extensive spectrum of rugged mobile computers and accessories as well as end-to-end IT solutions for the supply chain, manufacturing and distribution industries at MODEX 2022 in Atlanta Georgia, March 28-31, Booth #C8087. Complementing the breadth of JLT’s own booth display will be partner exhibits by Winmate and International Barcoding.

This year’s booth highlight is the acclaimed JLT6012 series of rugged vehicle-mount computers, which now comprises a new and dedicated Android version (JLT6012A™) in addition to the already highly popular JLT6012™ unit with support for the Windows operating system. These high-end forklift terminals offer a unique combination of ruggedness, processing, and wireless connectivity performance to sustain reliable operation in less-than-optimal conditions.

At SSAB we pride ourselves in our commitment to not only performance but also sustainability,” said Klas Lundåsen, IT Technician at long-standing JLT customer SSAB Common IT Service. “That goes for our specialized products and services, and it also goes for third party products we use in our organization. Our relationship with JLT started in 2003 and their products have been up and running with an almost non-existent failure rate ever since then. The latest addition JLT6012 computers fit right in; they’re built to last.”

Also on display at MODEX will be JLT’s other vehicle-mounts, the company’s broad lineup of rugged handheld and rugged tablet computers, as well as barcode scanners that make JLT a one-stop-shop provider for all rugged mobile computer needs where mobility and wireless connectivity and complete service and support are key.

Two notable rugged wireless mobility devices on display at the JLT MODEX booth are the ultra-slim and lightweight MT3010A™ Android and MT2010P™ Windows tablets. Featuring state-of-the-art wireless technology to ensure reliable connectivity under any conditions, they put data directly and conveniently into the hands of the warehouse workforce, enabling them to make decisions on the fly as Modern Materials Handling editor Gary Forger aptly put it in a recent article.

With over 25 years of experience in developing, manufacturing, and installing rugged IT solutions, a dedicated software development branch and a global network of strategic partners, JLT is in a unique position to address each customer’s individual needs by offering a full spectrum of high-quality hardware, software, and services.

As a trusted, well-established solutions provider, JLT offers customers:

24-7-365 performance: Today’s warehouses depend on reliable IT systems to keep goods moving. IT break downs and inefficiency are unacceptable. This is where JLT’s decades of expertise come into play with products designed from the ground up for demanding warehouse environments and a deep understanding of the challenges faced by warehouse operators. Like no other, JLT ensures that deployed devices have seamless coverage and integrate smoothly with existing systems.

Warehouse workhorses: JLT has the latest Android as well as traditional Windows vehicle-mount, tablet, and handheld computers, ensuring the right fit for every warehouse use. The popular JLT6012 series – which includes the well-received new Android 10 based JLT6012A rugged vehicle-mount terminal (see professional review) – presents unparalleled functionality as a flexible platform for developing innovative hardware, software and services for the needs of today and tomorrow. Maintenance costs are minimal, wear and tear prone components can be easily serviced, and software upgraded remotely. Other JLT warehouse workhorses are the reliable JLT1214N™ and JLT1214P™ computers, which are deployed worldwide by major warehouse operators to increase uptime and efficiency.

Going the extra mile: What sets JLT apart is the dependability and extent of their services and support. JLT is on hand to help customers solve their toughest business challenges every step of the way, and offers in JLT:Care™ a no-questions-asked service agreement with clear levels of coverage, known turnaround times, and zero exclusions.

State-of-the-art technology: Technology advances at a rapid pace, and JLT stays ahead of the game with productivity-enhancing updates and upgrades. Stay tuned for impending JLT6012 product line upgrade announcements in processing power, battery, as well as wireless communication technology and performance!

To schedule a meeting during the MODEX 2022 show in Atlanta go here, or visit www.jltmobile.com to learn more about JLT Mobile Computers as a solutions provider.