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Equipment Depot announces dedicated EQ SOLUTIONS™ Group providing transformative warehouse and automation solutions

Equipment Depot has announced the formation of EQ SOLUTIONS™, their specialized division dedicated to engineering transformative warehouse and automation solutions for manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution facilities. EQ SOLUTIONS helps businesses evolve their warehouse operations by designing and implementing integrated solutions with the right equipment, racking, automated systems, and advanced technology to maximize productivity and throughput, decrease labor costs, and enable businesses to easily scale up or down to meet demand.

With the support of its parent company Mitsubishi Logisnext, Equipment Depot plans to considerably invest in the EQ SOLUTIONS division over the next several years, hiring top talent, expanding its product portfolio, and continuing to build upon the company’s current warehouse solutions expertise. Through EQ SOLUTIONS, Equipment Depot customers can transfer the burden of managing warehouse transformation projects to a specialized team and a single source for warehouse design, engineering, software integration, racking and storage, conveyors, automated equipment, material handling, implementation, training, and ongoing maintenance.

According to Equipment Depot President & CEO David Turner, “Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, we were already seeing a growing number of companies considering semi- and fully automated solutions to increase efficiency and supplement their warehouse personnel, and that interest has only accelerated in recent months.” He further explained, “We are excited to launch our EQ SOLUTIONS division during this time of economic fluctuation. Equipment Depot is fortunate to have the stability and backing of Mitsubishi Logisnext, who understand our desire to provide the superior service and innovative solutions our customers need to future-proof their businesses.”