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OneCharge Lithium Batteries are now available with Combilift lift trucks

OneCharge Inc., a provider of lithium motive batteries for the material handling industry has announced that it has reached an agreement with Combilift to fit its trucks with lithium ion batteries.

“OneCharge Lithium Batteries have developed full integration with Combilift electric lift trucks,” said Niall Crehan, US VP of Sales for Combilift. “OneCharge Inc. has worked closely with us to meet the high standards and specific needs of our electric trucks”.

“We’re excited to be the first lithium battery manufacturer in the USA to be approved by Combilift. It allows us to offer our solutions to many new customers and to provide better support to many of our customers who already enjoy OneCharge lithium batteries in their Combilift lift trucks” said Tim Karimov, President of OneCharge. “We have been focusing on promoting lithium batteries for use in the material handling equipment for over 6 years and are happy to see the growing acceptance of this technology in this market.”

OneCharge lithium batteries have full communications integration with the whole line of Combilift electric lift trucks. The plug-and-play configuration allows a lithium battery to integrate seamlessly into the truck, retaining full functionality of the battery state of charge indicator and low battery warning system. “We witness a growing interest of our customers to the new power technologies, and OneCharge facilitates the adoption of Li-ion batteries through the optimum combination of performance, reliability and safety in their products”, said Niall Crehan.

A growing number of companies in North America already use OneCharge batteries – the company offers over 450 models, and growing. Every OneCharge battery features data processing module tracking numerous operational parameters. It allows to acquire and analyze significant volumes of data further enabling value-adding services for the customers. Such services can range from daily usage reports to Energy as a Service (EaaS) offering, which is sometimes referred to as “power by the hour”.

OneCharge is working towards securing full UL Listing in Q1 2019. OneCharge batteries will be listed under UL standard 2580, which makes them also conform to the requirements for the UL583 standard for electric lift trucks.