Barcoding-Inc-FRED Automation launch FRED Automation launch at Barcoding, Inc. headquarters. Pictured – the Freddie AGV.

Barcoding Inc. has acquired FRED Automation Inc.

Barcoding, Inc., the provider of supply chain efficiency, accuracy, and connectivity, announced its acquisition of FRED Automation, Inc., an automated guided vehicle (AGV) company. This acquisition represents continued expansion and investment in industrial automation for Barcoding, Inc.

FRED Automation was spun out of ASI Technologies, Inc. in April 2021. ASI is an electric wheel drive designer and manufacturer and developed its first prototype FRED AGV in 2017.

FRED Automation designs and manufactures AGVs in its Philadelphia, Pennsylvania facility. It offers two AGVs, FRED and Freddie, and several different options for both simple points A-to-B material moves and complex maneuvers involving dozens of pick-up and drop-off points. With this acquisition, Barcoding will target manufacturing facilities and warehouses with repeatable material handling processes for FRED and Freddie AGVs.

“The Barcoding team is thrilled to announce our acquisition of AGV company FRED Automation. Barcoding continues to focus on growth and innovation for our customers. With today’s labor challenges, AGVs like FRED and AMRs like those from Zebra Technologies are the right automation solutions to drive productivity and customer satisfaction,” said Shane Snyder, president of Barcoding, Inc. “With our acquisition of FRED Automation, Barcoding is now the top solution provider for industrial automation in the AIDC space.”

Doug Fastuca headshot

Doug Fastuca

“We are excited to be partnering with Barcoding, Inc. Their approach and strength in the market will allow us to introduce our AGV products to more companies across North America. We are eager to expand both production and services offerings for FRED and Freddie to help customers with employee safety and their materials movement automation,” said Doug Fastuca, CEO of FRED Automation.