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WINTRUST Financial CorpJoin us at WINTRUST Financial Corporation, 9801 W Higgins Rd, Rosemont, Ill., for an educational one-day conference,September 19, 2019, with key industry leaders giving you ideas to take back to your business tomorrow. Take part in networking opportunities before, during and after the event.

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7:30 AM - 8:00 AM Registration on first floor and coffee reception in conference room with vendor exhibit
8:00 AM Welcome and Housekeeping items

Dave Baiocchi
Dave Baiocchi
The working premise in this area is that as a whole, the lift truck industry mishandles the equipment delivery process and does not exploit the opportunities to sell broad based and comprehensive service offerings that many customers want and need. Most dealers have insufficient programs that are not designed around the OEM suggested maintenance tables. The result is that many maintenance opportunities get missed, leading to shorter equipment cycles, higher repair costs, and loss of dealer reputation.

Managing the changes needed in this area of the dealership will require dealers to adopt a new paradigm regarding the equipment delivery process within the dealership. Every aftermarket opportunity starts with the delivery of a piece of equipment which will eventually need to be maintained and/or repaired. If dealers start and maintain an initiative to treat the delivery process as the focal point of the aftermarket effort, this process will take on new significance, and it will present a unique opportunity for the dealer to achieve multiple new objectives:


1.) The delivery process should signal an internal shift in dealer activity from "obtaining an order", to building a relationship that results in long term "customer care".
2.) Assign the appropriate employees to initiate and continue this process. (NO, not the equipment salesman).
3.) Offer multiple, unique and comprehensive MAINTENANCE ONLY programs that include all suggested OEM maintenance items at the OEM specified intervals. (Note: This would apply only to customers not already enrolled in a "full maintenance and repair" contract as part of their acquisition.
4.) Ensure that all of the programs offered are presented as multi-year agreements, and that service schedules are based around the estimated equipment duty cycle and application.
5.) Treat the sale of standard PM contracts as a "fallback" service proposal, instead of the initial offering.


6.) Manage warranty losses by properly explaining warranty coverages, including limitations, and having customers affirm understanding of warranty exclusions.
7.) Formally introduce the dealer support team, including management personnel, service personnel, and service administration staff.
8.) Use the delivery process as an opportunity to sell accessories and special services ("on purpose").

Dealers will be provided a template for creating these offerings, including all pertinent equipment and maintenance data, program inclusions, steps to follow, sample customer engagement tools, training tips and support media.

9:30 AM - 9:45 AM Break

Dave Baiocchi
Dave Baiocchi
Dealers say that they want to get more done with existing resources and manpower. The problem with leveraging existing resources is that it many times requires a dealer to rethink long standing policies that actually prevent employees from being productive.

For example: A field technician completes a PM and finds items in need of repair. He informs the customer of the recommended repairs. The customer asks for a price. The tech is not equipped to quote repairs. The customer tells the tech to just fix the truck, but the tech is not carrying the correct parts on the van to complete the job. So, a customer WILLING to do business with the dealer, but because of restraints put on field technicians, the dealer basically forces the customer to WAIT, and the tech say NO. (when he wants to say YES).

The solution to this problem is the development of a field technician service menu program that does the following things:
1.) ANALYZES the population of equipment being serviced
2.) ANTICIPATES needed repairs
3.) INVESTS in the proper van inventory
4.) TRAINS technicians on how to identify, quote, sell and complete additional work on the spot

This is not as easy as it sounds. This session will cover the goals, tools, resources and administrative functions necessary to create a robust service menu program, including:

  • Changing the method and mindset of aftermarket from an "equipment service" model, to a "customer care" model
  • Assignment of PM's to individual techs (or vans)
  • Importance of ALL TECHS performing PM services
  • Analysis of PM records should be based on "ASO" Measurement
  • How to change van stock metrics and mindset from "historical turns" to "opportunity to sell".
We will discuss the following benefits of instituting this Program
  • Retail revenue growth
  • Labor efficiency and productivity growth
  • Administrative relief
  • Customer service and first-time fix improvement
  • Rental repair efficiency
  • Fuel and service truck maintenance reduction
Dealers will be provided a template for creating menus, including a parts and labor pricing matrix, program inclusions, steps to follow, sample menus (digital), training tips and support media.

10:30 AM - 10:45 AM Break and Vendor Exhibits
Garry Bartecki
Garry Bartecki
Garry Bartecki moderates group of Industry Leaders in a fast pace multitopic discussions that offers questions and answers from you.

We will address KEY ISSUES company management will need to deal with in the next six months.
  Rapid Fire Topic:

Tax Session leaders: Steve Pierson and Jim Margner

Steve Pierson
Steve Pierson
Jim Margner
  • C vs S vs LLC
  • Cash basis accounting
  • Bonus and 179
  • State and Local Tax update
  • Implications of Wayfair on your business
Get your questions answered by a panel of tax experts very familiar with both the equipment and rental business. Send in your questions before the meeting and we will deal with them during this session or at a private session some time during the day.


New Account Session Leader: Michael Ploskonka from Selden Fox

Michael Ploskonka
Michael Ploskonka
  • How leasing, both operating and capital, will be accounted for under the new rules
  • Plan for the changes in your financial statements as a result of recording leases on your Balance Sheet
  • Understand how these changes will impact loan covenants and credit availability
  • Know exactly what leases and for what periods leases will be accounted for
  • Will rental fleets fall under the new lease rules?


One of the most significant changes to financial accounting and reporting in recent history is soon to be effective. Reporting entities must evaluate their compliance with the new revenue recognition standards, identify challenges, and develop an implementation plan accordingly.
You will learn about: the main provisions of the new revenue recognition standard, who will be most affected, what is out of scope of the new standard, reasons for the change, major implementation challenges.
The panel discussion is intended to assist management in preparing for implementation of the new reporting framework and will discuss a variety of topics and potential issues. Please submit your questions before the meeting to maximize the informational value and applicability of this session to your business.


  • Equipment rentals with maintenance contracts
  • Warranty expense accruals... are they straight-lined or recorded based on supportable statistics based on history
  • RPO contracts
  • "Disappearing" revenue

12:00 - 12:20 PM Break/Vendor Exhibits - Working Lunch
12:20 PM - 2:30 PM Rapid Fire Learning continued
Michael Krogermeier
Michael Krogermeier
Rapid Fire Topic:

Session Leader: Michael Krogermeier of Creditsafe

Michael will show you how to make Finance a big-time growth driver in your dealership.

1.) Experience matters - Michael's "super power" is helping companies create growth opportunities through data-driven analysis.

The Chief Operating Officer of Creditsafe, Michael is a highly accomplished senior executive with 30 years of success in finance, strategy, and business operations across multiple industries from services to manufacturing.

2.) You will discover how many CFO's do not utilize credit and payment data to its full advantage.

3.) Michael will demonstrate how - using the best tools - you can and should:
  • Drive Revenue
  • Protect Your Supply Chain
  • Manage Regulatory & Reputational Risks
  • Support Corporate Development
  • Create Costs Savings
  • Drive International Business
  • Effectively Communicate Risks & Opportunities
Steve Pierson
Steve Pierson
Rapid Fire Topic:

Session Leader: Steve Pierson
  • Shareholder Exit Strategies
  • When and How
  • Options to consider
  • Why Now
  • How to mitigate tax result related to exit
  • Do ESOPS and Material Handling Dealers match up
Nate Perkins
John Czyzyski
John Czyzyski
Rapid Fire Topic:

Session Leaders: Nate Perkins (CSG Partners) and John Czyzyski (Wintrust ESOP Services)
  • Do you qualify? ...what are the minimums to qualify?
  • Key benefits of ESOP transaction for both exiting party and Employees
  • How to minimize ESOP transaction cost if it isn't going to Work
  • How much will a bank fund and under what circumstances
  • Get your questions answered by a panel of experts who have experienced the process
Tal Diekvoss
Tal Diekvoss
Rapid Fire Topic:

Session Leader: Tal Diekvoss (Fiduciary Management Group)
  • Who Qualifies as a Fiduciary?
  • Your Fiduciary Responsibilities
  • Fiduciaries are in the Hot Seat
  • Why the Fiduciary Blind Spots Exist?
  • Risks of Fiduciary Liability
  • Outsourcing Fiduciary Services
  • Fiduciary Audit
  Rapid Fire Topic:

  • Financing for equipment dealers
  • Rental fleet programs
  • Inventory financing
2:30 PM - 2:45 PM Break and Vendor Exhibits
2:45 PM - 3:45 PM Session 4 - Dave Baiocchi
Dave Baiocchi
Dave Baiocchi

The overwhelming majority of dealers do little strategic planning when it comes to the aftermarket side of their business. In many cases dealers have bought into the falsehood that there is not much that can be done to enhance forecasted sales of aftermarket items, as these departments operate only in proportion to equipment sales activity.

This viewpoint is in error, as growing revenues can be forecasted by development of a four-step program as outlined below:
  • Getting MORE revenue and profitability with EXISTING Resources
  • Controlling the dialogue between the technician and the Customer
  • Anticipate customer needs by ANALYZING the equipment Profile
  • Create appropriate "menus" for on the spot repair quotes
  • Reorganize van inventory so that it matches the specific equipment profile
  • The importance of assigning PM's to individual technicians
  • The importance of EVERY tech performing PM's
  • Measuring PM opportunities by counting "ASO's"
  • Change van stock metrics from "historical turns" to "opportunity to sell"
  • Measure and improve "First Time Fix"
  • Cut your van maintenance and fuel expenses
  • Cut your rental repair expenses
  • Service customers like they WANT to be serviced
To be clear... as a natural result of equipment usage, SOME parts activity will "happen all by itself." What dealers fail to do however is to put themselves in POSITION to capture ALL of the dynamic aftermarket income stream. They are routinely "out of position" due to four general conditions:
  • Insufficient or incorrect inventory on the shelf
  • Poor customer service practices and programs (see area one and two)
  • Poor returns processing to keep inventory fresh and Moving
  • Poor vendor management and consolidation practices
In this area we will discuss and provide ideas and solutions for these imbalances. Dealer will learn:
  • How to actually PLAN and set reasonable goals for an increase in the aftermarket business
  • How to use equipment sales history to determine the OEM parts "sweet spot"
  • How to strategically execute short term parts sales campaigns using employees in the CSS Sales department as well as parts countermen, and field service technicians
  • How to "pair" inventory purchases with campaign goals (using your buying power)
  • How to consolidate off brand aftermarket vendors
  • How to calculate the true benefit (if any) of doing business with alternative vendors
Also plan to have panels made up of Tax, accounting, bank personnel to be able to address any question that pops up.
3:45 PM - 4:00 PM Question and Answer Session and Wrap Up
4:00 PM - 5:15 PM Wintrust Financial Corporation Cocktail Hour and Appetizers/Vendor Exhibits
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