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XL Lifts partners with Wiggins Lift Company to distribute marina products
The first high-capacity lithium electric marina forklift now available through XL Lifts / Wiggins Lift / Taylor Machine Works
The first high-capacity lithium electric marina forklift now available through XL Lifts / Wiggins Lift / Taylor Machine Works

 XL Lifts, specializing in zero- and low-emissions forklifts, has announced it is partnering with Wiggins Lift Company to distribute the Wiggins Marina eBull west of the Mississippi River (excluding Texas) and in the Great Lakes region. Taylor Machine Works will continue to distribute Wiggins marina products in all other regions. The Wiggins Marina eBull is the first commercialized lithium-battery, large-capacity, zero-emissions marina forklift and further positions Wiggins as a leading provider of low- and zero-emission forklifts. The news comes just one month after Wiggins and XL Lifts announced the availability of the Wiggins Yard eBull for port and terminal operators and manufacturers, logistics, warehousing, industrial and construction companies.

The Wiggins Marina eBull offers a large range of capacities to meet varying boat-handling needs and is built with the same attention to detail, reliability and quality that Wiggins is known for. Featuring innovative, fast-charging lithium-ion battery technology, the Wiggins Marina eBull can be quickly charged so it can run continuous shifts.

Wiggins' Director of Sales Micah McDowellcommented, "We are excited to work with our dealer XL Lifts to help make the next generation of green marinas a reality. Marinas no longer need to choose between high-performance and energy-efficiency forklifts; they can now have both with the new Wiggins Marina eBull."

"Wiggins is once again leading the charge in marina forklift innovation. The new Marina eBull will significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and sound pollution while providing marinas and boatyards with the horsepower required to run their operations," said Mike Marzahl, president of XL Lifts. "With the introduction of the Wiggins Marina eBull, XL Lifts now has a full range of electric forklifts to meet our marina and boatyard clients' needs."

Key benefits of the new Wiggins Marina eBull include:

  • Zero Emissions: The eBull is designed to meet even the most stringent clean-air and noise-reduction mandates, such as those required in California. Zero emissions means it can be safely used inside buildings without fumes, soot or noise.
  • No Significant Downtime: The eBull uses advanced quick-charge battery technology for continuous use.
  • Innovative High-Voltage Lithium-Ion Battery Design: The battery packs are designed from the ground up for commercial vehicle applications. Focused on reliability, durability, serviceability and safety, the battery packs are rigorously tested for industrial environments.
  • Safety: Reverse backup camera, daylight strobes, optional conventional backup alarm and modern white-noise generator to alert nearby pedestrians are just a few of the features to keep both operators and pedestrians safe.
  • Minimal Maintenance: Five-year life, non-toxic coolant and long-life all-weather hydraulic fluid make maintenance a snap. Change the air filters on the battery cooling system once a year.
  • AutoLube: Minimizes downtime by automatically lubricating key components — mast and carriage bearings, tilt cylinders, steer axle bearings — to ensure smooth operation while saving money.
  • Handling: With the lowest center of gravity and the highest tip-factor in the industry, Wiggins has set the standard for safety and handling.
  • Operator Comfort: A dramatically lower operator console and an AirRide seat significantly improve operator convenience and comfort.
  • Easy Service Access: The innovative tilt-cab design of the operator console and engine compartment allow easy access at eye level to the entire powertrain when servicing is needed.
  • Enhanced Visibility: With the lowest counter-weight in the industry, rear visibility is dramatically improved, increasing customer and employee safety while protecting other property from damage.
  • Wiggins Information Center: The new state-of-the-art IQAN™ System with its adjustable monitor keep the operator informed about forklift performance and status.
  • Corrosion Protection: Wiggins knows the work environment can be tough on equipment. That's why the Wiggins Marina eBull is built using the latest materials to keep the lift running while extending the life of the equipment, including a stainless steel-coated steer column and critical-area components, as well as zinc-based coatings to prevent rust and corrosion on the mast and chassis.