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Boxton launches second-generation logistics management platform
Technology allows end-to-end shipping management and tracking for companies large and small

San Diego-based startup Boxton has announced the launch of its second-generation logistics management platform, dubbed Boxton Freight. The newest version of the cloud technology allows anyone in any organization to easily manage and track complex shipments, from start to finish, in one place.

Founded in January 2017 by CEO Warren Kucker - a seasoned logistics and supply chain expert, who previously worked at Apple, managing multimillion-dollar international shipping logistics - and COO Joe Caprara - a former Qualcomm mergers and acquisitions project manager, with extensive experience managing complex enterprise transformational programs - Boxton provides cost-effective logistics solutions for companies of all sizes. 

Project needs arise within enterprises large and small that often require people without logistics experience to manage complex shipments on their own. Large companies overspend an estimated 30 percent on logistics costs on shipments that fall outside their core product lines because pre-negotiated rates - normally set for core shipments - are not in place with vendors. Likewise, small to medium size companies overspend on shipping because they often lack the time, software and staffing required to get the best rates from the best shipping companies and manage the process from pickup to delivery. 

This is where Boxton comes in. Boxton's technology helps customers set up shipments, determine requirements and bid the work out to multiple shipping companies - using long-term, pre-established relationships with vendors - to provide the best shipping solution and save companies 30 percent of projected costs. Boxton's cloud shipping platform then manages the transportation from end-to-end, providing real-time tracking updates. 

Now, with the release of the second iteration of Boxton Freight, the user experience is even more streamlined. Companies can easily access quotes, shipments, invoices and more on a single screen. Users assign customized project roles to employees or outside vendors - like customs brokers, and origin and destination owners - and easily identify missing shipping documents, including commercial invoices and packing lists, for uploading to ensure seamless, timely delivery. 

"Managing shipping should be simple, and the best rates from the best transportation companies should be accessible to everyone," said Kucker. "Our solution is the only one in the marketplace that allows anyone - regardless of experience - to manage complex shipments easily and efficiently." 
The company has managed international and domestic projects for customers including Conair Corporation, San Diego Running Co. and Dotcom Distribution, with additional shipments underway for several multinational organizations seeking to streamline their logistics processes.