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FLC releases Ultimate Guide to Forklift Operator evaluations (FLC), a provider of OSHA compliant forklift certification, announced a package of forklift operator evaluation content to help instructors, safety supervisors, and other training personnel with forklift compliance.

"Every forklift driver needs thorough training, and the final step of this process involves an evaluation,” said Tom Wilkerson, owner of FLC. “Our forklift operator evaluation training aids help simplify and streamline your training requirements.”

FLC’s forklift operator evaluation guide includes:

· Written guide
· Infographic
· Downloadable checklist

With colorful graphics, helpful info, and easy to follow instructions, FLC’s evaluation tools are ideal for the final, and most important step of OSHA compliance.

“Our goal at FLC is to provide useful and user-friendly training content,” said Mr. Wilkerson. “We like to provide the entire forklift community value-added information in a creative format. This forklift operator evaluator content is a prime example of our efforts to engage and inform forklift drivers, trainers, safety supervisors, and everyone else involved with OSHA compliant forklift training.”

The training content includes information about:

· Frequency of forklift evaluations
· Forklift evaluation tasks for operators
· Different elements of forklift operator evaluation
· Helpful OSHA guidelines
· Pre and post-evaluation information
· Pass and fail scenarios
· And much more

“FLC is used by companies all over the United States for their training needs,” concluded Mr. Wilkerson. “With our forklift evaluation training aids, we’d like to reach out to any firm or individual employee that needs to acquire training. We’re excited about our training evaluation tools, and we’ll continue to innovate across the entire training spectrum.”