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November 2018
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EnerSys® delivers its 30,000th NexSys® Battery to global confectionery maker Perfetti Van Melle

EnerSys®, a global provider in stored energy solutions for industrial applications, recently delivered its 30,000th NexSys® battery to global confectionary manufacturer Perfetti Van Melle, maker of well-known candy brands such as Mentos® and Airheads®. The 30,000th battery is one of several NexSys® battery models that will power Perfetti Van Melle’s lift truck fleet in the company’s North American distribution center. Based in Hebron, Kentucky, the facility operates a mix of turret trucks, sit-down three-wheelers and stock pickers. 

Suitable for a range of Class I, II and III applications, NexSys® batteries offer material handling operations a minimal-gassing, virtually maintenance-free stored power solution. The batteries never require watering, reducing associated labor demands and the risk of spills from overwatering. Featuring proprietary Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) technology, the NexSys® battery portfolio includes configurations that can fast-charge in just under an hour and be opportunity charged to work for up to sixteen hours. NexSys® batteries can even be put back into service before they are fully charged. 

“We are extremely pleased to have reached this milestone, as it represents a growing recognition among material handling operations that they no longer have to settle for high-maintenance, slow-charging batteries to power their lift truck fleets,” said Tim Wittig, Director – NexSys Products Americas, EnerSys. “With NexSys® batteries and their TPPL technology, material handlers have a much more flexible stored power option – one that eliminates time-intensive tasks such as watering and weekly equalization charging.”  

For Perfetti Van Melle’s North American distribution center, the selection of NexSys® batteries is already enabling a lower-maintenance workflow. “With their sealed design and near-maintenance-free performance, NexSys® batteries provided us with the spill-proof solution we needed,” said Travis Eilers, Distribution Center Manager for the company’s Hebron, Kentucky facility. “The opportunity charging flexibility is certainly welcome as well and is helping us streamline operations.” 

Classified as non-spillable electric storage batteries, NexSys® batteries are constructed with 99 percent pure lead. They provide unmatched performance across a wide range of temperatures, including cold storage applications. NexSys® batteries have a shelf life of up to two years at 77°F and typically occupy up to 30 percent less space than the equivalent lead-calcium Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries due to the thin plate design’s high energy density properties.