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October 2018
Eileen Schmidt discusses how Material Handling is a fast paced, rewarding profession for women.

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Martins Industries scores again with latest product designed to improve workplace safety, the Canuck Tire Puck

MARTINS, a tire equipment manufacturer, is excited to add a new tire / wheel trolley to their roster of innovative, productivity-boosting tire equipment. Dubbed the Canuck Tire Puck (#MCTP) due to its Canadian origins and resemblance to the iconic ice hockey puck, the new trolley helps to prevent common workplace injuries and accidents by reducing the need for labour-intensive tire handling.

With a weight capacity of 300 lbs / 135 kg and four easy-glide swivel caster wheels, technicians can use the Canuck Tire Puck as a more efficient tire/wheel handling. Equipped with brakes and a solid UV resistant frame, the Canuck Tire Puck also makes for an attractive display indoors and out. The Canuck Tire Puck can also be manoeuvred with stacked tires with the help of one of Martins Tire Riders (tire carts).

Technicians will no longer have to contend with loose tires on the floor, and the strenuous and often risky business of having to individually move them around the workplace. With the Canuck Tire Puck, tires can be stacked on the trolley and then quickly and easily moved from one location to the next, whether it’s a tire conveyor, tire rack, or display unit.

This latest innovation responds directly to a need that Martins observed in the marketplace, “we saw many customers making small wooden or steel platforms to move their tires around the shop, either to display them or for improved handling. So, the Research and Development team at Martins created a sturdy, simple and cost-effective solution,” says Martins Industries President and Founder, Martin Depelteau. “And we decided, why not call it the Canuck Tire Puck. After all, the marketing department is in Canada.“