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Women In Trucking launches new supply chain activity book for children

Women In Trucking Association (WIT) is excited to announce “Scouting for Cookies,” a new activity and coloring book for children. The purpose of the book is to engage children with the trucking industry at a young age.

In the activity book, the reader follows a young girl, Adelynn, through the supply chain to understand where cookies come from. She learns how often a truck is used to move goods throughout the supply chain. Activities in the book include coloring, drawing, word search, math, geography, and much more! 

In October 2014, the very first Girl Scout event, “Trucks are for Girls” was initiated by WIT. Since then, 20 more events have been held in the United States and Canada (where they are called Girl Guides), resulting in nearly 1,250 girls earning their WIT patches. The new activity book can be offered to girls participating in these events.

“This activity book was created to give children a way to learn more about how the cookies they eat with their milk started out as grain in a field, became a mixture at a bakery, then moved into the boxes and were finally delivered by a scout. We want them to have a personal connection with that truck on the road and how it relates to their own snack. It’s fun and educational and something everyone in supply chain can use to teach children about careers in the transportation industry," said Ellen Voie, president and CEO of WIT.

The 20-page, 8.5” x 11" book was illustrated by renowned Marvel Comic Book artist, Robby Bevard. The initial content was created by Kaylissa Voie who used the cookie supply chain illustration by Erica Hansen, (then) student at the University of Wisconsin: Superior. Lana Nichols, Director of Programs at WIT, was the project coordinator. J. J. Keller and Associates, Inc. graciously donated the printing of 5,000 copies.

The activity book can be purchased through the WIT website at or by contacting the association.

For more information about the activity book or Girl Scout (Guide) events, please contact