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October 2018
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RMI awarded “Great User Experience” for Easy-to-Use software

At 35 years old, RMI may be old by software company standards, but it hasn’t lost its shine!
RMI has been regularly recognized for its outstanding achievements by many organizations through the years. These honors included: Independent Software Vendor of the year, SMB Business Excellence Award, and the Cubie Award to name a few.

In July, RMI added another award to their growing list when its software ADVANTAGE 365 was presented with the “Great User Experience” Award. This award, by Finances Online, is given to a company whose product is easy to begin using, and that offers a user friendly-interface; two things that every software company strives for.

RMI’s President, David G. Richards, had this to say about the newest award, “Creating the user-friendly interface was easy since we work with our customers so closely. The user experience extends beyond the interface and includes how we train and support our customers during go-live and after. It’s nice to see that effort be recognized.”

RMI has customers ranging from two employees to well over 1,000, and yet they report that their average days to take a new company live in ADVANTAGE 365 is only 127 days.

Leah Holowesko, Manager of Client Services was asked how RMI is able to maintain a “great user experience” while taking all the business processes of a company to a new system. “We are meticulous,” said Leah. “A business is made up of the collective work of each individual in a company. So we listen and then show each individual step-by-step how to do their job in ADVANTAGE, then we get the job done.”