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October 2018
Eileen Schmidt discusses how Material Handling is a fast paced, rewarding profession for women.

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Vermeer recovers quickly from last months Iowa tornado

Vermeer is back at work producing yellow iron in several of their facilities.  The Vermeer team members are resilient and dedicated to getting tough work done.

Vermeer's first order of business over the last several days has been the safety and support of their team members,  they have also made great progress in resuming the operations needed to support our customers. Vermeer is back to full operation in their Forage Solutions business. 

Stronger than ever

"The amount of progress Vermeer employee's have already made is astounding. Thanks to the quick work of our team members and cleanup crews, we were able to return to production in many of our facilities." said Doug Hundt, President, Industrial Solutions.

They have two goals moving forward. First, recover safely and recover completely. This means we return to full production as soon as possible. Second, Vermeer wants to get their team members back to work quickly. 

Hundt noted that they were amazed by the many voices of support. "To our international and regional offices, dealer partners, customers, the Pella and regional community – individuals and businesses, state officials in both Des Moines and Washington D.C., industry partners, churches and other non-profit organizations, thank you." says Hundt.

Click here for a video on the progess.