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November 2018
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Superior Tire & Rubber elects new vice president
Apipong “Oh” Nakayuenyongsuk
Apipong “Oh” Nakayuenyongsuk

Apipong “Oh” Nakayuenyongsuk has been elected vice president of the material handling & industrial wheels business units and corporate marketing by the Superior Tire &
Rubber Corp.
board of directors. Mr. Apipong was previously director of material handling & industrial tires business units and corporate marketing. Prior to graduating from the Carnegie Mellon Tepper School of Business, Mr. Apipong had been a product marketing engineer at Michelin Company.

Mr. Apipong has tirelessly worked to expand the company’s material handling and industrial wheels business and enhance corporate marketing and sales efforts. Mr. Apipong is also currently Chairman of ITA’s (Industrial Tire Association) tires, wheels and casters subcommittee. Superior Tire & Rubber Corp. looks forward to a sustained period of profitable growth by partnering with their customers to provide outstanding products and service under the leadership of Mr. Apipong.