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November 2018
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Kenco to help Focal Point light the way for customers nationwide

Kenco Logistics, a third-party logistics provider, has partnered with Focal Point, a family-owned and operated architectural lighting manufacturer, to provide transportation management services from its Chicago-based headquarters and manufacturing facility. These services include TMS deployment and supporting transportation management activities, and freight procurement nationwide.

With over 68 years of experience in providing custom transportation solutions, Kenco leverages its extensive knowledge of integrated logistics solutions and transportation management systems to meet the needs of each individual customer. Kenco will work with Focal Point to enhance performance, maximize efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction across the company’s North American supply chain.

“Our customers know us for being easy to do business with and for building and maintaining long-lasting relationships based on trust and integrity. We found that these core values were also deeply rooted in Kenco’s culture and business approach.  Partnering with Kenco further enhances our ability to do what we do best – delighting our customers by striving to exceed their expectations,” said Andrew Offenbacher, vp – engineering & operations, Focal Point.  “In addition, we are excited to leverage Kenco’s expertise as we work together to drive continuous improvement in all of our logistics activities.”

Operating out of Focal Point’s Chicago facility, the partnership with Kenco will provide a suite of transportation management services to help Focal Point bring light to all its customers, supporting their portfolio of architectural luminaires with superior service.

“We are looking forward to working with Focal Point to improve the customer delivery experience, through greater control and visibility across their respective supply chain networks.  Kenco will leverage our transportation management technology, carrier relationships, and industry expertise to improve efficiency, reduce cost and minimize damage,” said Todd Johnson, SVP of Transportation, Kenco.