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November 2018
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Croatian EcoCortec® plant receives Best Supplier Award

EcoCortec® - fastest growing producer of  anticorrosion packaging in Europe is more than proud to receive Best Supplier Award from its distributor company, Tribotec, Sweden. Tribotec chose EcoCortec® as a result of its excellent customer service, logistics and short lead times. Dijana Zrinski, general manager of EcoCortec® says everyone is thrilled with the award: “these acknowledgments are wind in the back for our dedicated team as it always an important thing when your hard work is appreciated. With a very successful year behind us we are at 100% speed and countless plans for the future.

I think it’s rare to accomplish such a synergy of amazing people, passionate about their job, quality products and vision. ”That vision was introduced by the company owner Boris Miksic, twelve years ago, when he started the EcoCortec® project. The plant is now in the middle on another expansion and new manufacturing facility is set to open this fall.

Business partners such as Tribotec have helped EcoCortec’s team in achieving the mission of becoming the best equipped plant of anticorrosion environmentally safe packaging materials in Europe. “Our team has worked hard during the past decade to achieve this goal and we are lucky to work with such reliable partners that share our passion and vision” says Zrinski.   

Tribotec is a Swedish company, part of Indutrade AB, a group consisting of more than 200 companies in 27 countries, which mainly concentrates on industrial technology sales. With focus mostly on packaging and automotive industry, Tribotec is one of the most successful distributors for EcoCortec®. Camilla Admyre, manager from Tribotec noted: “That acknowledgement of Best Supplier Award I see as an appreciation of our great partnership, and that partnership truly reflects on our own customer relations every day.”



Except for the growing sales, last year has been especially successful for EcoCortec®. The company has entered latest expansion phase as part of a project co-financed by Croatian Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts within European Funds Programme. The plant entered numerous new projects and is a partner in the €1.95 million European BIOCOMPACK project supported by the Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE. EcoCortec® also launched Europe’s first collection and recycling initiative for used films and plastic bags. Both projects are aimed to decrease plastic waste in Europe, one of the world biggest growing problems.


Thanks to great partners and distributors EcoCortec’s team is heading optimistically towards the future. In Cortec® Europe family they are intensely working on conquering new markets, not only in Europe but further. With excellent logistics, brand new facility, larger warehousing capacity and growing team, EcoCortec is more optimistic than ever to fulfill the mission of spreading environmentally safe corrosion protection technologies in Europe and abroad.