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Eileen Schmidt discusses how Material Handling is a fast paced, rewarding profession for women.

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CECOR focuses on being - faster, better, smarter and safer
Eileen Schmidt
Eileen Schmidt

For over six decades, CECOR has created sump cleaners and carts focused on several simple but important concepts - faster, better, smarter and safer.

“CECOR believes a clean work environment produces higher productivity,” said Rose Peterson, sales and marketing manager, in an email interview with Material Handling Wholesaler. 

“Our products keep production areas clean. A clean work area improves productivity, makes better use of space and manpower, and reduces on-the-job injuries. Our carts keep scrap off the floor and make it easy to transport and dump heavy loads,” she said.

CECOR designs and manufacturers two lines of products; Sump Shark sump cleaners and industrial dumping carts and containers. The latter includes dumping carts, material handling carts, and tilt trucks used in a variety of industries, said Peterson, who said the company’s two lines of products share equal importance in the business.

CECOR’s Sump Shark sump cleaners are industrial sludge vacuums that suck out and filter industrial fluid. 

And “the carts were originally designed for and are popular with the machining industry because they come in a variety of configurations, some with low profiles to fit under machine tool discharge,” Peterson said. “Also, they are very durable. Made of heavy gauge steel, the seams don’t leak and they hold up in very tough environments.” 

The CECOR carts are unique for offering multiple dumping method options and a small footprint, according to Peterson. “Because space is usually limited, we manufacture a companion dumping frame which attaches to a fork lift or hook hoist and picks the cart up to dump. So they hold more and have a smaller footprint than a conventional rocker-style hopper,” she said.  

Carts can also be equipped with fork pockets for use with a rotating fork lift attachment or Tee-cleats for use with a hydraulic dumper,” Peterson said.

Serving customers in the machining business ranging from small machine shops to large international companies, along with a wide range of manufacturing companies utilizing its carts, CECOR has a diverse client base. 

Being customer-focused has been and continues to be of key importance, according to Peterson, who said CECOR can “add options or make changes to our standard container line to meet individual needs.” 

CECOR was founded in Verona, Wis., in 1955. A facility was constructed there in the 1960s and added on to three times in the following years. 

This year, the business moved to a new, larger facility ten miles south in Belleville responding to a recent challenge of needing more operating room, according to Peterson. 

Throughout its 60 years in business, CECOR has encountered many changes, including the way equipment is purchased and shifts within the manufacturing industry itself, Peterson said.

But the company has maintained a steady presence.

“We make quality products and through good times and bad, our customers have stuck with us,” Peterson said. “Other companies have left the field and new ones have sprung up, but we still believe we are the best at what we do.” 

CECOR’s product lines are built to last. “They are constructed of heavy duty steel and don’t leak. There are (CECOR) carts out in the field that are forty years old and still being used,” Peterson said. 

Longevity is important to the company in its human relations as well. 

“The employees at CECOR believe in what we do and what we stand for. Most of our employees have been here for many years and know our products well,” Peterson said. 

Eileen Schmidt is a freelance writer and journalist based in the Greater Milwaukee area. She has written for print and online publications for the past 12 years. Email or visit to contact Eileen.