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October 2018
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TECSYS introduces Last Mile Delivery Management for modern era logistics operations

TECSYS Inc., a supply chain management software company, announced an innovative
delivery management solution for the last mile that empowers regional distribution
organizations and 3PLs to thrive in customer service in the digital era and achieve a significant competitive advantage.

“In today’s world, customer experience is king, stated Bill Denbigh, director, logistics product marketing at TECSYS, “Customer service expectations and the increasing cost of commercial carriers have driven many regional distribution organizations to take on the last mile delivery to their customers themselves. The question remains: can they compete with world-class courier companies on dependability, transparency, and efficiency?”

TECSYS’ Delivery Management solution is a powerful end-to-end event tracking and delivery management mobile system for a distribution organization; in-house courier and internal deliveries, including all unattended or unscheduled pickups and deliveries. It enables logistics management to create, pickup and deliver shipments directly from a smartphone and offers their customers real-time, online traceability of shipments similar to the functionality offered by major international parcel shipping organizations.

“While it is a standalone solution, its full integration with our WMS means that there are no barriers for optimum process flows, resulting in uninterrupted order fulfillment and holistic visibility for logistics management throughout the order cycle,“ added Denbigh. Truly competing and differentiating a distribution organization with delivery means so much more than just getting a package from point A to point B. Top-performing distributors are beginning to use logistics—and last-mile logistics in particular—as a key competitive advantage. Delivering full service to their clients backed by security, accountability, efficiency and total transparency.

Security and accountability Security and accountability throughout the entire delivery network are the most important qualifications to be a world-class distribution courier. TECSYS’ Delivery Management (DM) has a razor-sharp focus on recording everything that happens throughout logistics operations and on the road from pick-up to drop-off.

TECSYS’ DM brings all the best principles of world-class courier qualities to distribution operations; from a web-based, self-service portal, offering shipment tracking for internal and external users on one end, to a customer self-service call for package pickup that automatically syncs up to a driver’s mobile device on the other end.