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The main goal at "Save"ty Yellow Products is a simple one - value
Eileen Schmidt
Eileen Schmidt

But the execution of that simple goal is an extensive one. It means "giving the customer options," said Brandon Gentile, general manager. It means knowing customers well enough to anticipate their needs and "making products that make customers think 'This is my go to vendor." Gentile said. 

This is "why we do have so much custom work going through," he said. "We're taking what we're being told by customers and trying to create or modify a product that works for everyone." 

Now in its 15th year, "Save"ty bills itself as a leading producer of facility asset protection and safety products used in manufacturing, distribution centers, and warehouse facilities. "We design products to reduce the overall cost including installation," says the company website. "Our entire product line is powder-coated for long lasting durability." 

The business sales and distribution center, including 20,000-square-feet of warehouse space, is located in Saint Charles, IL. The 90,000-square-foot manufacturing facility is located in Rockford, Ill., and is ISO-9000 certified. 

Dan Gentile, the current president, started the business in 2003 after 11 years as a manufacturer's representative. "After so many years of being a manufacturer's rep out on the street he thought, 'I know all my competitors' flaws, why don't I make my own guard rail?" his son, Brandon Gentile, said. "He put his mind to it and got it done. He's been very smart in business," he said. 

Another son, Nick, handles production management for the company.
Brandon Gentile has been working for his parents' business for a decade, moving from sales to custom work and to his current role as general manager.

The business product lines include: industrial guard rails, collision awareness forklift warning systems, column/rack post protectors, building column protectors, industrial handrails, industrial dock and driveway gates, mezzanine and handrail gates as well as steel bollards and machine guards.

"We take the approach to be a solution provider, so we offer several models for each product line giving you a choice when designing your facility, including custom applications," the business website says. 

"Save"ty, which includes a staff of 15 and also has a group of sales reps out in the field, recently moved into a new 20,000 sq. ft. building at 3550 Legacy Blvd., St. Charles, Ill. "We were renting before. My parents built this building, they wanted something they could design themselves," said Brandon Gentile, who said the Midwestern location is beneficial as the region remains a hub for manufacturing. 

"We have so many local customers," he said. "Save"ty has several thousand dealers and system integrators across the country, according to Gentile. He said the business is always working to expand its customer base and aims to get advertising to them while still protecting the needs of "Save"ty's distributors.

The business does tend to be seasonal, and Gentile so "Save"ty works to keep a lot of materials on hand. "We do stock a lot of material. I've got over 600 skids of material in stock and we do our best to keep all the products in our 24-page catalog in stock at all times," he said. 

Gentile said those in the business are thankful for "Save"Ty's customers and the family is all happy to be involved in the operation, including his mother Virginia, vice president, and father and company president, Dan Gentile. 

"I think he wakes up every day glad to be succeeding in what he does and pleasing his customers," Brandon Gentile said. 

Eileen Schmidt is a freelance writer and journalist based in the Greater Milwaukee area. She has written for print and online publications for the past 12 years. Email or visit to contact Eileen.