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November 2018
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Seegrid appoints three senior-level leaders

 Seegrid announced new senior appointments and continued expansion of its workforce.

The Seegrid team grew by nearly 20% in the first half of 2018, reflecting a high volume of new orders and rising demand for self-driving vehicles in manufacturing, distribution and e-commerce. Building upon strong momentum from the past three years, the company continues to drive further progress for innovative global brands like Amazon, General Motors, Whirlpool and Boeing–with more than a million miles driven.   

With more than 50 years combined industry experience, newly appointed leaders in the roles of vice president of engineering, director of marketing and director of product management will enhance Seegrid’s world class team.

Vice President of Engineering, Sean Stetson, joined Seegrid from Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) group in 2016. An expert in vision systems and mobile technology, Sean served as Seegrid’s director of product and then created and lead the company’s advanced technology team. As a newly-appointed member of Seegrid’s executive team, Sean is focused on expanding Seegrid’s portfolio of safe and reliable material handling automation solutions.

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