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November 2018
Brian Neuwirth explains how the warehouse of the future may look different from today.

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WPRP announces new director of inside sales

Linda Anlauf has been promoted to director of inside sales at  WPRP Wholesale Pallet Rack Products, a nationwide wholesale distributor of pallet rack, wire deck and accessories.  Linda’s experience over the past 14 years working for a pallet rack manufacturer as well as a material handling supplier gives her a well rounded understanding of the material handling industry.  Linda is a member of the Pacesetters MHEDA-NET group, has participated in three MHEDA panel presentations at ProMat, Modex and Convention, and is a member of the first Women in Industry MHEDA-NET group where she participates as a Mentor for other material handling professionals. Linda is passionate about sharing knowledge through educational programs such as WPRP’s Would You Like Fries with That video series and staying in touch with the industry through social media.