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Cimcorp’s Derek Rickard Selected as a 2015 Rock Stars of the Supply Chain

Cimcorp Automation Ltd., manufacturer and integrator of turnkey robotic gantry-based order fulfillment and tire handling solutions, announces Derek Rickard, its distribution systems sales manager, has been named to Food Logistics’ inaugural Food Logistics Champions: Rock Stars of the Supply Chain list. A key player in supply chain and warehousing initiatives for nearly 15 years, Rickard worked on some of the warehouse industry’s first fully automated robotic picking systems in North America, with the largest deployments capable of exceeding 1 million cases per week picked by robots. 

“From early pioneers and entrepreneurs to non-conformist thinkers and executive standouts, this award aims to honor these leaders and their contributions to our industry,” notes Lara L. Sowinski, editor-in-chief at Food Logistics. “Moreover, leadership, innovation and influence reveal themselves in numerous ways and not only at the executive level. This new award is our way of celebrating the talented trailblazers and inspirational mentors whose work deserves acknowledgement and appreciation.”

The inaugural award is a way to recognize influential individuals whose achievements, hard work, and vision have shaped the food and beverage industry. Each recipient, like Rickard, continues to attain milestones in safety, efficiency, productivity and innovation throughout the global food supply chain. Rickard’s keen insight and history of success help dairy distributors with high throughput and strict sell by dates cut their handling costs and improve profitability. Alternately, he’s enabled snack food makers who produce a variety of different products in cases to increase throughput, accuracy and productivity.

Derek Rickard, distribution systems sales manager, Cimcorp Automation Ltd., said, “I am thrilled to be included as part of the inaugural Food Logistics Champions: Rock Stars of the Supply Chain list. Food and beverage manufacturers and distributors are facing increased challenges to deliver products to their customers. With higher SKU variety, decreased lead times and dwindling warehouse space, the supply chain is more intricate than ever before and requires the assistance of automation to keep up with growing demand. It is my pleasure to help leading distributors find solutions to these challenges and remain at the forefront of their industry.”

Cimcorp is a leading global supplier of world-class order fulfillment and tire handling solutions utilizing robotic gantry technology, and advanced warehouse control and manufacturing execution software. Rickard works closely with customers in automotive, food and beverage, e-commerce and consumer goods industries to develop robotic order fulfillment systems that increase efficiency, accuracy and throughput for warehouses and distribution centers around the world.