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RMT Robotics is now Cimcorp in North America

RMT Robotics, Ltd. announces it is now Cimcorp Automation Ltd. (Cimcorp), a manufacturer and integrator of turnkey robotic gantry-based order fulfillment and tire handling solutions. Canadian-based RMT Robotics joined the Cimcorp Group in 2010, extending Finland-based Cimcorp Oy’s reach into North America. Now, the two entities have created a unified front as one brand in order to drive innovation in R&D and product development, and offer a comprehensive material handling and automation solutions portfolio. Effective January 1, 2015, RMT Robotics Ltd. embraced the Cimcorp brand as Cimcorp’s North American subsidiary, Cimcorp Automation Ltd.

Martti Artama, president, Cimcorp Oy, said, “The union of these brands under a single umbrella signifies a successful execution of product development and brand positioning that has allowed us to offer one suite of solutions across the worldwide distribution landscape. We look forward to increasing the global footprint of the Cimcorp brand and contributing to the North American market.”

The unified Cimcorp is a leading global supplier of world-class order fulfillment and tire handling solutions utilizing robotic gantry technology, and advanced warehouse control and manufacturing execution software. The company’s combined offerings provide automated solutions to the tire, food and beverage, e-commerce, consumer goods and postal services sectors. With more than 300 employees, Cimcorp has delivered 2,000 robotic systems to distribution centers and warehouses across five continents. 

Doug Pickard, president, Cimcorp Automation Ltd., said, “The future of Cimcorp in North America and around the world is filled with excitement and promise for advancements in robotics. Cimcorp representatives in Finland and Canada will continue to work closely as an integrated company to provide the best automated materials handling solutions to our current and future customers. It is our goal to provide manufacturers and distributors with solutions that will enable them to not only succeed in their respective industries, but establish themselves as true innovation leaders.”

Going forward, Cimcorp will use its combined resources, drawing on each entity’s individual strengths, to ramp up collaborative R&D initiatives and continue software development that furthers innovation. Through flexible, data-driven solutions, the company will work to improve energy and operational efficiencies, productivity, speed, and capabilities of its solutions. As a global entity, Cimcorp will create standardization across its systems that ensures compliance with global standards and regulations, while accommodating the intricacies of various local markets. The resulting synergy will provide Cimcorp customers with a significant competitive advantage in the modern market.

Cimcorp Oy was acquired by Kyoto, Japan-based Murata Machinery, Ltd. (Muratec) in 2014 to provide best-in-class material handling solutions to a global client base. As outlined after the acquisition, both Muratec and Cimcorp—including its North American subsidiary—will continue business operations with no change to their current strategies.

About Cimcorp Automation Limited
Cimcorp Automation, Ltd. (Cimcorp), formerly RMT Robotics Ltd., is a manufacturer and integrator of turnkey robotic gantry-based order fulfillment and tire handling solutions. Designed to reduce operating costs, ensure traceability, and improve accuracy and efficiency, these solutions are used within manufacturing facilities, distribution centers and warehouses around the world. Based in Grimsby, Ontario, Canada, Cimcorp Automation, Ltd. is a subsidiary of Cimcorp Oy of Finland, which is wholly owned by Murata Machinery Ltd. (Muratec), a Japan-based manufacturer of factory and office automation. Combined, these companies have delivered more than 8,000 systems to automotive, food and beverage, e-commerce, consumer goods and postal services customers across five continents. For more information, visit